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* Performance Improvement: how do you motivate and train the middle 60% of your performers to improve?

- We have proven tools, having spent 2 decades in the Incentive, Performance Improvement and Certification/Accreditation, tools which are easy to implement and which drive results.

Mindfulness: Mindful Communications.

Conversation, in fact all communications is nourishment for the soul

"Everything we consume acts either to heal us or to poison us." (Thich Nhat Hanh).

Many of your employees are tethered to their machines during the day. Often their work involves interaction with news of the world and the internet. Not all the nourishment provided by those interactions are healthy and nourishing: many are toxic, weakening the soul. Ancient wisdom developed from the Buddha can open us to compassion, healing, and happiness. Mindful Communications is an approach developed to enable us better to listen and speak with mindfulness.

Sales Training: our background is in both consumer and B2B (business-to-business).

We have been involved in everything from door-to-door sales to high-level consultative sales.

We have deep experience in working with indirect sales channels as well as direct and telephone selling

We can easily adopt and incorporate any of the major sales approaches into our message for your groups. Whether you have adopted S-4 training or make use of Miller-Heiman or the bestiary or want us to work with a modified Covey basis, our experience and story-telling approach will re-energize your team

Often we find that internal communications and internal expectations pose something of a "disconnect" with high-performing individuals. There are effective approaches to creating a more collaborative workplace while not sacrificing any performance.

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CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is
a business strategy achieved through a customer-
based and customer-focused alignment of people,
processes, and data.  Our compass is set directionally
along a roadmap guaranteed to build loyalty and
across the value chain with the right
core customers.

A Proven System

Chrysalis Marketing Provides a Proven Roadmap.
We guide your business to success in understanding
and using CRM to its fullest potential.  Whether you
are looking for incremental improvements in your
customer relationships or a comprehensive CRM
program, we are here to help you meet your
business goals.