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"Strategy is choice."

Michael Porter's remarks to his late 1990's HBR article continue to be among the very best definitions ever coined for "strategy."  As with so many recommendations from consultants, easy to say but difficult to implement.

All too often strategy formulations take months to formulate and then fizzle when implementation is attempted. Many times failures come about because we don't really know our true current situation. And, if we don't understand from where we begin as well as the obstacles and embedded belief-system that must be taken into account, the outcome is wishy-washy and seldom "on point."

We bring a succeful approach, used for over 20 years, that often includes personal interviews, market research, customer insight, and a proven facilitation method to design an actionable strategy map. Working alongside you, together we provide you with an actionable roadmap designed to take you from Here to There.

It begins with a focus: no more than 2 (or at the outside, 3) "objectives": too many objectives confuse the attempt and your people. Using a finished tapestry as our metaphor for weaving the disparate strands of efforts together into a final picture of success, we provide a complete and accurate assessment of the current situation, the bridging tasks to be completed, as well as the desired end-state. 
Results guaranteed.

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CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is
a business strategy achieved through a customer-
based and customer-focused alignment of people,
processes, and data.  Our compass is set directionally
along a roadmap guaranteed to build loyalty and
across the value chain with the right
core customers.

A Proven System

Chrysalis Marketing Provides a Proven Roadmap.
We guide your business to success in understanding
and using CRM to its fullest potential.  Whether you
are looking for incremental improvements in your
customer relationships or a comprehensive CRM
program, we are here to help you meet your
business goals.