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Families, community organizations, small and large businesses often need to get things done.

Many times things do get done. Frequently, however, getting the things done riles up anger, creates needless strife and conflict, and either under-shoots or over-reaches.

Our facilitation approach - using Tapestry as its guiding metaphor - IS a proven way to allow your organization

identify its Desired End-point and the dots that need to be connected in order for you to get there.

Our approach forces engagement, focus, cooperation, and action. We provide you with an easy-to-follow roadmap, one that calls out the various "tasks", "sub-tasks" and desired goals. Additonally, we then will work alongside and with you move forward.

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CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is
a business strategy achieved through a customer-
based and customer-focused alignment of people,
processes, and data.  Our compass is set directionally
along a roadmap guaranteed to build loyalty and
across the value chain with the right
core customers.

A Proven System

Chrysalis Marketing Provides a Proven Roadmap.
We guide your business to success in understanding
and using CRM to its fullest potential.  Whether you
are looking for incremental improvements in your
customer relationships or a comprehensive CRM
program, we are here to help you meet your
business goals.