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“Selection” is often identified as the single most important decision any B2B enterprise can make.
Selection - of the products and services you will provide, of the customers to whom you will provide them, and of the channels through which you will market to them are choices your business makes every day. The customer segments that you identify and nurture are those selections that will define your success as a business.

Your customers are unique; yet they can be grouped into clusters that have similar customers within them. That’s segmentation in a nutshell. The secret is to create a “segmentation scheme” that is intuitive, analysis-based, actionable, and profitable for your firm.

Chrysalis Marketing offers Actionable Segmentation Tools that:

- Validate and evaluate the segments  and then select the best segments to make meaningful contributions to your business objectives

-  Develop in-depth profiles of the segments for greater understanding, loyalty-building, and revenue growth

- Identify segment characteristics that allow you to assign customers to the correct segment

- Expand segment knowledge to develop targeted strategies, messaging, communication vehicles, and training to capitalize on different segment opportunities

The end result is that you are closer to your customers and they recognize and reward your efforts.

Our proven method can be completed in 1/2 the time and at roughly 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of the Big Guys. Call us or drop us an email: we'll be happy to discuss this or any other service.


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CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is
a business strategy achieved through a customer-
based and customer-focused alignment of people,
processes, and data.  Our compass is set directionally
along a roadmap guaranteed to build loyalty and
across the value chain with the right
core customers.

A Proven System

Chrysalis Marketing Provides a Proven Roadmap.
We guide your business to success in understanding
and using CRM to its fullest potential.  Whether you
are looking for incremental improvements in your
customer relationships or a comprehensive CRM
program, we are here to help you meet your
business goals.