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Data Management and Enhancement Services: E-mail

Success relative to your CRM and loyalty building efforts depends on a high standard of data quality. Your database and your customer knowledge gathering activities are key components of your ongoing investment in the right business strategies to retain profitable customers. If you need support in these areas, Chrysalis Marketing offers:

  • List Acquisition and Enhancement to enrich, update, and supplement your house file, including overlays, merge-purge, address updates, and more
  • Data Hygiene and Best Practices to improve the quality of your current data and ensure that data captured in the future meets the standards that you require, as well as legal and customer -requested compliance requirements
  • Data Consolidation and Data Transfer allow you to integrate data from different sources and increase data usefulness across the business organization
  • Functional Requirements of the database to acknowledge business needs and establish user requirements to ensure that  the database system can effectively support your CRM initiatives
  • Customized and Standardized Reporting derived from your data to understand how your marketing and sales programs are performing, identify areas of opportunity, and evaluate key metrics such as loyalty measurements and segment buying behaviors. 
    Our data solutions are available on an a la carte basis or, if you prefer, we can take a comprehensive approach to ensuring data integrity and enhancement of one of your most valuable resources. 
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CRM Management

Customer Relationship Management.
Customer relationship management (CRM) is
a business strategy achieved through a customer-
based and customer-focused alignment of people,
processes, and data.  Our compass is set directionally
along a roadmap guaranteed to build loyalty and
across the value chain with the right
core customers.

A Proven System

Chrysalis Marketing Provides a Proven Roadmap.
We guide your business to success in understanding
and using CRM to its fullest potential.  Whether you
are looking for incremental improvements in your
customer relationships or a comprehensive CRM
program, we are here to help you meet your
business goals.